In Loving Memory

Bethany Noelle Schuch


Beth was Lesley Arle's Practice manager from April 2010 - March 2018.  Beth is Lesley's daughter and a friend to everyone she met, including our clients.  She passed away due to a violent crime in March 2018 .   We all miss her so much and are healing from  this loss.  Beth was one of the kindest, most loving, beautiful inside and out,  and she was one of the best persons we have ever known.  Beth will always be a significant part of the inspiration of the office.   Mina Lightbody is her cousin and she has beautifully and faithfully taken up where Beth left off.  

Alfred, Beth's Lobby Dog


Alfred was adopted by Beth right before she started as Practice Manager in 2010.  He greeted clients in the lobby and did tricks and made them smile and laugh.  He was devastated when Beth passed away but continued to come to work until he got ill in April 2019.  He passed away due to cancer in July 2019.  We love him and miss his cinnamon bun tail,  happy wiggle butt,  twirls for treats, and high fives. He is Olive's father and Carmel's grandpa.   He is greatly missed due to his loving and loyal spirit.