Mina Lightbody

Mina is the current practice manager for Lesley Arle, PMHNP. Mina is happy to be a part of Lesley's practice since joining her in May 2018. Although based in the Portland area, Mina serves patients for both current practice locations in Lake Oswego and Salem with scheduling appointments, billing, and any other practice needs.  Mina's phone number  is 503-757-8349.  Mina  is generally available from 8:45-4:45 PM  M-F, Please call Lesley Arle at 503-312-2619  during other hours.  



Olive is a 5 year old brindle French Bulldog who recently had a litter of 6 pups.  She has been with Lesley in the  West Salem practice since she was a pup herself.  She is sensitive to clients who are hurting and will be there when you need her.  Her daughter Carmel born June 2019 will join her in Salem soon.


Vinnie van Gogh

Vinnie is also a French Bulldog. He  is still a pup, born in April 2019 . He came to us all the way from Croatia.  He is sweet and cuddly, eager to please and loves every one he meets. He will be available for pet therapy in the West Salem  office.  He adores meeting our clients and greeting them at the office with a wiggle and a smile! 



Carmel is the youngest Frenchie and daughter of Olive.  She has a sweet and curious personality and will want to meet you, give you some cuddles and then will likely take a nap on the couch beside you during your session.   She will be available in both the West Salem and Lake Oswego offices soon!

Baby Pictures

Vinnie and Carmel Feb 2020



Vinnie when he flew in from Croatia Aug 2019


Olive as a baby Aug 2015


Carmel's first day at the office Sept 2019